Ramla Bay

Thumbs/tn_000 the whole shoreline.jpg

Thumbs/tn_001 Valley and Nadur side.jpg

Thumbs/tn_001 valley and the old Tamarisk trees in background.jpg

Thumbs/tn_002 peace and solitude.jpg

Thumbs/tn_002 valley and bruk trees in background.jpg

Thumbs/tn_003 cottage dreams.jpg

Thumbs/tn_003 vallew and Nadur background.jpg

Thumbs/tn_004 mouth of valley.jpg

Thumbs/tn_004 nice setting to settle in.jpg

Thumbs/tn_005 mid Ramla shoreline.jpg

Thumbs/tn_005 The seabed at Ramla.jpg

Thumbs/tn_006  Xaghra coastline Ghajn Barrani side.jpg

Thumbs/tn_006 as good as a goldmine.jpg

Thumbs/tn_007 view of Xaghra .jpg

Thumbs/tn_008 further in towards il-Marbat.jpg

Thumbs/tn_009 Bathing mid October - nice'n cool.jpg

Thumbs/tn_010 peace and solitude.jpg

Thumbs/tn_010 there it is - on the seabed.jpg

Thumbs/tn_011 off il-Marbat.jpg

Thumbs/tn_012  Xaghra in the distance.jpg

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(N.B. please note that the bay will not be touched by the development, the photos are for information purposes only)