International acknowledgment for the consultant of Save Ramla
Thursday June 7 - 2012

Perit Lino Bianco was internationally acknowledged for his contribution to contemporary architecture. He was the architect and environment planning consultant who had successfully proved that the planning permits relating to the redevelopment of an existing fully licensed commercial complex at Ramla were issued on information that was “false, misleading or incorrect” in terms of Article 39A of the Development Planning Act. His detailed reports led the Malta Environment and Planning Authority to subsequently revoke these permits, which revocations were later confirmed by the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal.

Perit Bianco, a highly qualified specialist known for his uprightness and professionalism, is certainly an asset for architecture. With his conviction that an architect is essentially a collaborator in creation, he is a staunch opponent to environmental rape. He is definitely a role model for architects both locally and overseas.

MEPA fails to take action against serious illegalities at Ramla, Gozo
Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority, MEPA, is still resisting to issue an enforcement notice with respect to illegalities which exists at Ramla Bay, Gozo.

After three and a half years since the last correspondence with the Chairman of MEPA on the development project to build villas instead of Ulysses Lodge at Ramla Bay, Gozo, to-date MEPA’s sole reply was an acknowledgement. This last communication relates to illegalities that exist on the site covered by the planning applications for the said villas and that MEPA failed to take action on said illegalities.

This information surfaces from a press release issued earlier on today by SaveRamla, the non-governmental environmental organization which had put forward the case for the revocation of the planning permits issued by MEPA for the development of villas instead of the Ulysses Lodge.

Although MEPA revoked the building permits for the villas, which revocations are now confirmed by the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal, MEPA failed to issue an enforcement notice with respect to the illegalities on the site in question.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Il-MEPA ma` tiehux azzjoni fuq illegalitajiet serji fir-Ramla, Ghawdex

L-Awtorita ta` l-Ambjent u l-Ippjanar, il-MEPA, ghadha qieghda tirresisti li tohrog enforcement notice fuq l-illegalitajiet li hemm fis-sit fejn hem mil-Ulysses Lodge fl-inhawi tar-Ramla l-Hamra, Ghawdex.

Aktar min tlett snin u nofs wara l-ahhar korrispondenza mac-Chairman tal-MEPA fuq il-progett ta` bini ta` villel flok il-Ulysses Lodge fir-Ramla, Ghawdex, ir-risposta tal-MEPA sal-lum hija biss acknowledgment. Din l-ahhar kommunikazzjoni tirrigwardja l-illegalitajiet li hemm fuq is-sit kopert bl-applikazzjonijet ghal imsemmija villel u li l-MEPA naqset li tiehu azzjoni dwar l-imsemmija illegalitajiet.

Dan johrog min stqarrija ghall-istampa mahruga aktar kmieni llum min SaveRamla, l-ghaqda ambjentali li ghamlet il-kaz ghar-revoka tal-permessi tal-bini mahruga mill-MEPA ghall-izvilupp tal-villel flok Ulysses Lodge.

Ghalkemm il-MEPA irrevokat il-permessi tal-villel, liema revoki llum huma ikkonfermati mit-Tribunal ta' Revizjoni tal-Ambjent u l-Ippjanar, il-MEPA naqset li tohrog Avviz ta' Infurzar u ta` Twaqqiegh fuq id-diversi llegalitajiet li hemm fuq is-sit inkwistjoni.

As you may know, the tranquility of Hondoq ir-Rummien is being threatened by an application for a massive project, which includes a large hotel, villas, apartments, shops and a yacht marina.

Gozo cannot afford t turn Hondoq ir-Rummien in another commercialised area like Xlendi, Marsalforn and Imgarr, for it deprives people of places to relax in contact with nature away from the usual stress of their urban surroundings Such a project will also detract from Gozo’s unspoilt appeal and will therefore be detrimental to tourism in Gozo.

MEPA is asking the public to submit comments regarding the Environment Impact Statement (EIS) before the 12th May 2010. We took the liberty of writing a standard letter, which we are asking you to kindly submit to MEPA.

We call on you to help us ensure that Hondoq remains part of our natural heritage, as planned prior to the 2006 Gozo Local Plan by Clicking Here.

Ramla - MEPA Document - Appeals Board Decision - PDF - Click to Download added October 2

Ramla - MEPA Document - PDF - Click to Download

October 2 - 2009

Planning Appeals against the revocation of planning permits for development of villas in Ramla Bay, Gozo,
Will be decided coming Friday, 2nd October

The case relating to the revocation of development permits for the construction of villas in Ramla Bay, Gozo, by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA), will be decided by the Planning Appeals Board coming Friday 2nd October.
... Read More

May 9 - 2009

Planning Appeals against the revocation of planning permits for development of villas in Ramla Bay, Gozo

The case relating to the revocation of development permits for the construction of villas in Ramla Bay, Gozo, by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA), continued today in front of the Planning Appeals Board. The Planning Appeals Board deferred the case for a preliminary decision for 2nd October 2009 with respect to objections raised relating to underpayment of levy due to the Board. ... Read More

June 12 - 2008

Planning Appeals against the revocation of planning permits for development of villas in Ramla Bay, Gozo

Following the revocation of development permits for the construction of villas in Ramla Bay, Gozo, by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA), the developer filed planning appeals against said revocations. ... Read More

Press Release - July 9 2008

'Thank you for your continuous support to Save Ramla.

May we draw your attention to the fact that on Friday the 11th of July 2008 there is an Appeals Board sitting in Gozo at 12.15, whereby the applicant is appealing against the withdrawal of the permits. For all of you who are interested, and can make it (being during working hours), you can join us outside the Gozo University Centre at Xewkija Gozo at 11.00 am.

Moreover for those of you who have been asking to support us financially to recover expenses incurred in the attempt to save this unique site, you can give your donation by clicking on the link above. Thanks for your contribution, every single cent is greatly appreciated.

Once more we thank you for your continous support.We will keep you posted with the outcome.'

Press Release - March 3 2008

While thanking you for your support, which was vital in the withdrawal of the permits, we would like to inform you that since our last press release, whereby we informed you about the requests to the MEPA to take action on the illegal developments on site no action was taken.

Since no action was taken on the 5th of February 2008 another correspondence was submitted to the Chairman of the MEPA requesting that “Since our submission (4) four calendar months have lapsed. Why did the MEPA fail to issue the relative enforcement notice(s) when the Authority is aware of the significant illegal development on the site?”

In the meantime, the developer Appealed against the withdrawal of the outline permit 05138/02 (reference no 312/2007) which appeal, was received by MEPA on Friday 07 2007 according to the Mepa website and Appeals Board Agenda the hearing is scheduled for Friday 27th June 2008. Appeal (no 320/2007) against the withdrawal of permit 7902/05 was received by Mepa on 5th December 2007 and Appeals Board Agenda is scheduled for Friday 27th June 2008 according to information found on the MEPA website.

The fact that no action has been taken to remove the illegal development in-spite of the continuous requests for this to be done, we are worried that after the election the previous application will somehow be revived and the permits issued. To-date only Alternattiva Demokratika and the Malta Labour Party have publicly declared that they are against the project.

In the meantime Fund Raising Activities are currently being organized by SaveRamla to be able to pay expenses incurred in the revocation of the said permit and to further protect this unique site.

More information can be seen on the website

Thank you once more for your crucial, continuous support.

Date: 4 August 2007

Reports Submitted to MEPA

1. Revocation of Outline planning permission PA 5138/02 (pdf - 55.87 mb)
2. Re Full Development permit PA 7902/05 (pdf - 35.6 mb)

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